Pubic Hair Styles Of Nude Models

is somewhat of an interest of mine, and yours as well from all the requests I’ve been getting. At the time of writing this (2018), it’s obvious that pubes are basically bare skin or what most call it: a shaved pussy. That’s OK though, a fresh shave or wax is pretty damn sexy, but this page is for those that appreciate different pubic hair styles. I did some research, and also decided to categorize based on all the content that has been posted on this website over the years. Enjoy!

The full bush

Vanessa Y Hairy Pussy
This is the creme de la creme of hairy pussy fans, because quite literally it’s hairy all over! I find it sexy in that all natural is often times associated with fun loving, free spirited women. Who may that be you ask? Check out Vanessa Y, Katrin Porto, Sabine from Morey Studios, and Alexandria From Girls Out West.

Hairy but trimmed

Titania Trimmed Pussy
This is the coveted style of pubic hair lovers, because the bush is still there, but usually it’s neatly trimmed around the lips and vulva area. Sounds scientific, but let’s be real here, it’s really fucking sexy for chicks to rock that style. Plus I hear it feels better. You know who we could ask on this topic? Danielle FTV, Evita Lima, Danica Collins, and Titania.

The landing strip

Lillith Von Titz Landing Strip
The landing strip can be broken up into two sections really, the thick one and the thin one. I want to feature both though, because in essence, it’s still a landing strip. A welcoming for any person about to stick their face in that lucky area. Let’s start with the thick landing strips, the big boldness of neat yet hairy. Scarlett Morgan and Gina Rosini come to mind on this one.

Now how about that pencil thin landing strips? They are sexy as well, nice and neat, but visible enough for you to tickle with your mouth. Hey, that’s what I dream about, especially when I see Mercedes Llano and Erica Campbell.

The pube patch

Katrina Moreno Pube Patch
Arguably the smallest amount of pubic hair one can have, is the pube patch. It’s cute and sexy, something that makes the mind race because you know this is someone who is in for a fun time, you know why? It’s because babes like Rachelle Wilde, Lu Elissa, and Emma Rachael, love having a good time with their pube patch. LOL!

I hope you enjoyed this article, and feel free to contribute if you know of a model who sets a great example for this list.

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